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Megatron, the leader of the antagonist group, Decepticons, in the action filled cartoon Transformers is depicted as a skillful strategic chief and a tactical battlefield commander. He is a vicious transformer but sometimes showing reasonable and respectful attitude towards his actions and to his mortal enemy Optimus Prime.

Before Megatron and his decepticons invented transformation, he was once a gladiator for the city state of Tarn. He wages war against the Autobots resulting in Cybertron’s fall from its orbit and almost hitting an asteroid that is on its path.

His main weapon on the series is his arm-mounted fusion cannon that is capable of destroying a city block in one blast. He can also connect it to a black hole, giving more powerful explosions of anti matter. However, linking it will drain plenty of his energy leaving him weak and defenseless.

Additionally, he also has the capability to shrink and change into a Walther P38, a pistol capable of firing concentrated energy discharge. With this transformation he can be handled and use by other Decepticons in battle delivering huge destruction against Autobots.

He is on par with Autobot’s leader Optimus Prime in terms of ability and power. He also has gain some respect towards Optimus to the extent of saving his life saying that he is the only one who is allowed to destroy him. Due to this mutual reverence, Optimus believed that they could have been friends if their views and thinking are not so much different, which in return amuses Megatron.

Megatron during a devastating war with the Autobots have been fatally wounded by Optimus Prime and later on has been rebuild as Galvatron, in exchange of allying with Unicron and destroying the Autobots. Megatron continuously plots on how to defeat Optimus Prime and the Autobots during the series so that he may be the supreme ruler of the universe thus gaining him all Earth’s and other planet energies to keep him and his Decepticons alive, consequently is making their own Cybertron planet.

You can find more Megatron concept art images for Transformers 2 @ downloads page.

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  1. tommy says:

    ever since the first movie, this has been shocking. optimus prime and the autobots win every time but megatron always comes back. how could megatron been a autobot, he looks evil. but, this time, i think the decepticons will win. I mean, look at this line up.
    Megatron, starscream, the fallen, and those two others. this is the end of all hope for sam, the earth, the autobots, and sams dad

  2. Optimus Prime says:

    Is it not a little bit silly putting the history of the G1 characters beside photos of the Michael Bay Transformers designs?

    Megatron in Revenge of the Fallen has two alt-modes, essentially he is a Triple-Changer … he can transform into a tank and a jet, which we see in the movie.

    Megatron flies back to Cybertron in jet form to confront Starscream upon his resurrection, but uses his tank mode on Earth during a battle in Egypt, as well as his jet mode once.

  3. Delia says:

    You keep it up now, undsrteand? Really good to know.

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