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Transformers 2 Toys

Transformers 2 Toys

As Transformers 2: Revenge of the fallen hit the big screen we get engrossed again on the popularity of aliens, transforming into vehicle then altering into gigantic robots. We once again witness how courageous the Autobots are in protecting our planet and how evil Decepticons are in trying to conquer our world. Consequently, due to the demands of this movie, Transformers toys were created to have a miniature of the ones shown on cinema.

Optimus Prime, the gallant, battle leader of Autobots changes to his alter-ego, the Peterbilt 379 big-rig truck. The truck has red and blue flame décor on his hood and across his chassis. The truck has longer plastic hood and wheel section, without visible hinges and clips.

There is also an additional attraction for this. The Optimus Prime toy comes with an accessible button on the back of the cab and when pushed, it will play revving sounds of truck engines. It also produces lights on the windows.

On the other hand when Optimus Prime changes into its original form - alien Robot, the replica toy stands 10 and ½ inches tall, his head and arm can swivel to 360 degrees, his armor includes the one at the back and a stomach flips on which when pressed, the toy will start saying “I’ am Optimus Prime”

Aside from Optimus, Bumbleebee Robot mode toy also has a plate that folds down in the center. He also has an arm cannon that you can flip up so that you can insert fire missiles. The toy’s number one attraction will be its wonderful head sculpt which looks just like in the movies. Although it might take a few well tended efforts and patience to change it to his alter ego which is a Camaro.

One of the additional autobot in the movie named Sideswipe having one of the sportiest cars as his alter ego. His vehicle is painted silver with blue windows; however he’s not seamless as with the Optimus Prime toy. He also has intricate design when transforming. His swords are the two thin strips attached to his elbow. What’s fun about this set is up is when you pull the one part of his sword into an arc the other part will automatically swings in the opposite direction.

Transformer 2: Revenge of the fallen toys are available on You can choose from the different line of characters both from the Autobots and Decepticons. Go and check them out.

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