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Transformers 2 Video Game

Transformers 2 Video Game

What’s to love and what’s to hate with Transformers 2 PC Game?? We have grown up watching Optimus Prime battling Megatron and saving the world. There were many generations of Transformers created and two movies have already been released. Both movies became worldwide hits. Transformers 2 is so popular that Luxoflux Corporation; the California based game developer company acquired by Activision was given the confidence to create the Transformers 2 video game.

Luxoflux team created Transformers 2 PC game based on the design in the movie. Therefore, the robots look more high-end and intimidating than the traditional. The game portrays different Autobots and Decepticons with various weapons like bullets, missiles and guns with unique set of abilities for each member. Each character is worth playing with just to see what else you can dig out of their armaments and how powerful they are. Upgrade system is created to reward the victorious in the game. You will be able to convert Energon for a power enhancement for your team, based on your performance on handling a mission. To top all this goodies, Transformers 2 PC game is created to be a multiplayer game to accommodate simultaneous massive players. After all it’s more fun to play with a real person!

However as much as we want Transformers 2 to be the perfect game, it still has major flaws on it. For example, the developers created a trigger function on the game that you will need to squeeze tight and apply pressure on it so much that it makes it uncomfortable to play with. They also make the airborne characters bounce off building in a funny way. Aside from this, maneuverability is restricted. Not really fun to play with if you cannot do anything simple with the controls for aerial movements.

The setting is black and white; the environment lacks the reality of how our planet looks like. They make the structures of building look like wearing different dull skins. Additionally, the way the story unfolds for the game isn’t really amazing. It makes the player feel they are witnessing several disjointed series of occurrences rather than one, full narration. And last but not the least, the biggest failure for Transformers 2 PC game is it transformation ability. Once it is in a transformation stage, you will not be able to keep it in one movement because of the trigger function. Also, when your travel vehicle form stops, it just disappears instead of alternating back into its alter-ego mode.

To summarize it all, Transformers 2 PC game excels on multiplayer function but fails on the actual story. Nevertheless, Transformers 2: Revenge of the fallen is a game good enough to be able to succeed in categories where its counterparts generally fail. The game is available on Amazon for $26.99.

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