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Transformers 2 review

Transformers 2 review

I totally enjoyed this movie. Of course, Transformers 2 did not have the oh-my-gosh my-jaw-dropped just like when I saw Transformers 1. The first movie was like the first experience seeing my childhood toys in real action, so this is kind of understandable. But Transformers 2 is awesomely far out than the first movie, the first time I saw the twins Skids and Mudflap compacted into one crappy looking car before they were converted into two separate new vehicles.
Transformers 2 were filled with exciting action sequence and it was easier to identify the bots from another during the fight scenes. There weren’t lull scenes as far as I’m concern, the inclusion of some humorous moments kept the excitement going for the whole duration of the movie. Well, maybe the popcorn was too salty.

Anyways, I love the sleek, pharaoh like head gear designs of the Evil decepticon “Fallen” and was awfully glad to see the Constructicons and Devastator. Man, I like Soundwave when he used to be a micro cassette deck with laser beak, buzzsaw and rumble in it. But I guess everything else has to evolve.

I noticed how they showed more decepticons in their original cybertronian forms, no wonder they all seem apparently the same but distinguishable. Well, I didn’t mind that because I was so swallowed by the excitement. But in general, I found all the bots easy to recognize. My girlfriend did, too, and for someone who was never fond about Transformers until movie number one, GF fell in love with the movie number 2 as well.

The sad part is that my GF cannot seem to stop talking about her favorite character, and during the drive home she was like animatedly talking about Jetfire who sacrificed himself to reinforce Optimus Prime’s armor against the great decepticon “Fallen” in a fight sequence that she took by heart. Of course, seeing Scorpinok working his expertise on Sam Witwicky’s brain made her almost scream and she was like “oh no noooo”!

Well, the two hours and thirty minutes went by swiftly inside the movie house. I wanted another show time after the credits were done; as I’m still exhilarated I sat for a few more minutes when everyone has gone out noisily.

I also found out that there have been bad reviews about Transformers 2. I feel sorry for those folks who do not understand what this movie is and was made to be. But I guess their expectations were different from mine. I am paying a bit more to go check Transformers 2 on IMAX, maybe one or a couple times? Not sure, well maybe twice so that the wait for Transformers 3 gets less boring…

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  1. candymom says:

    My 9 year old boy and his 3 buddies LOVED the movie and I will take them again. however I hated it and will sit thur it again and buy on dvd for my son.

  2. monkeyhammar says:

    I to feel sorry for anyone who dosen’t like this movie. I’ve always loved the transformers, and to see them come to life is a joy that brings tears to my eyes. People say that the movie has a stupid plot, that its all explosions, and worst of all that the transformers look to real?! WTF?! I’d tell these people to grow up, unfortuantly these people have grown up to the point where they can’t sit back and enjoy a little bit of fantasy.

  3. jeceil says:

    I’m a Beast Wars gen gal and loved the first movie. However, I did not like this one. I think they should have used this movie to transition from concentrating on the human characters into concentrating on the robot characters. It probably wouldn’t have bothered me as much if they had spent more time on the original Autobots they introduced in the first film. Seriously, I love Ratchet and as much time they gave him they would have been better off just cutting him. And, I do enjoy explosions, but I also like a good plot. I don’t generally buy DVD’s but I bought the first movie, I won’t be buying the second and going to pay to see the third at the movie theater is debatable.

  4. Drifter says:

    You can’t say this movie was totally awesome. True, the CGI was great and we got to see more transformers into action. But Michael Bay just ruined it with the unnecessary cheap sex scenes; dogs humping, Wheelie humping, and the ghetto attitude twins & gold tooth, wtf? And the plot, well, could’ve been much better.

    And I am a TF fan and watched the original 80’s cartoons, the first movie was inspiring, this one was excellent in CGI but loose.

  5. David carr says:

    you are sick for saying you hate tranformers you had a bad child hood wright. sico

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