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Transformers 2 Mistakes

Transformers Mistakes has rounded up a blog post with fifteen of the movie’s most obvious mistakes. These include car writing changes, disappearing/appearing objects, fast forward clocks etc.
NOTE: Possible spoilers ahead.

Mikaela gets a tow truck to move Bumblebee after he lost his legs. At first, the writing on the left door says “Mike’s Towing - 800-555-0199″. When she gets out to hoist Bumblebee up, the writing on the same door has changed to “Mike’s Towing - 800-333-MIKE”.

Transformers 2 Mistake 1

Transformers Mistake 1

At Hoover Dam, when the soldiers salute Keller the clock reads 10:00, then as Keller, the soldiers, Maggie and Glen walk away in the background, when Simmons tells Sam that they got off to a bad start the clock reads 11:35, and next shot when Banacheck interrupts it reads 11:43. Also when Simmons talks to Mikaela and Sam the word “Nevada” is gone and it only reads “Time” under the clock. Then when Banacheck says, “Come with me, we’ll talk about your car,” the word “Nevada” is back under the clock.

Transformers 2 Mistake 2

Transformers Mistake 2

After class when Sam rushes to his father, who is waiting in his car, and tells him that he got an A-, the license plate is affixed to the front bumper. At the start of the next shot, the front license plate is gone, but it then reappears when they arrive at Bobby B’s.

Transformers 2 Mistake 3

Transformers Mistake 3

You can find more mistakes on the original post.

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  1. Andrew says:

    I found watching the film there were location and inaccuracy issues. The scenes with large pillars are in fact in Luxor which is about an 8 hour coach journey. The great pyramid has limestone at the peak which is what they all use to be covered in. the film shows two peaks covered. there is only one pyramid that has this and the film it shows two. The great pyramid does not have this. Also the small pyramids by the side of one of them are ruins and are show to be complete. Call me fickle but these are annoyances.

  2. Kyle says:

    When 5 destructicons go down and resurrect megatron, the submarine says there are FIVE targets, or destructicons. The destructicons kill ONE of themselves in order to have a spark to resurrect megatron. Then, when they come back up, with megatron, the submarine says there are ^ targets. 5-1+1=5, not 6!!!!!!

  3. Jeff says:

    These are not from transformers 2 they are from 1.

  4. Taylor says:

    5 Decepticons go down, Ravage, one of them, releases the doctor bot. Doctor bot was inside Ravage, would come up as one bleep. One decepticon destroyed to revive Megatron. 6 Go up.

    5 go down
    +1 Doctor bot
    -1 random robot
    +1 Megatron
    6 go up

  5. Tom says:

    people r stupid u dont go to look for mistakes when watching the movie, u go to see the movie itself not the mistakes… people this days…

  6. ke says:

    I agree! Sometimes theres too many critiques wannabes…Haish..

  7. BT says:

    Does anyone realise that When Sam and Mikaela are running out of the Uni and Mikaela is hot wiring the car Sam calls Mikaela Megan.

  8. RFF says:

    when mikaela crushed the sexy robot with her car the air bags did not pop….

  9. Peter says:

    I think that only mistake in this movie was taht Megan Fox had too many clothes on.

  10. KEREM says:

    I love transformers,its my best.
    I have lots of transformers in my home.My favorite transformers
    is Optimus Prime.Please say hello to PETER CULLEN,SHIA LABEOF and MEGAN FOX.My english
    is not great because I am from
    Turkey in İSTANBUL

    I would like to thank you for takeing this movie.

  11. Guido says:

    In the first hangar scene, where the US & UK flags are flying, why is the UK flag upside down? Is this a declaration of war by the US on the UK?

  12. Sean says:

    When the decepticons go down to ressurect Megatron they have a piece of the cube with them to revive him. Thats why there are 6 going up and 5 going down.

    Thats why they stole that piece of the cube in the first place!

  13. Jamie says:

    Yes they do have a piece of the cube and that was used to ressurect him. The doc robot said, however, that they needed parts to fix him up so they took down one of their own!
    That’s one less than there should have been.

  14. ina says:

    Transformers 2: after sam has his breakdown in the classroom and dropped all his papers on the steps…a lady in the background walks foward to go down the steps then starts again from where she started.

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