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The Decepticon character Ravage did not enjoy much publicity but was featured in the original series and its sequel Beast War: Transformers. Original toy of this character was presented together with Decepticon Rumble. In Transformer audio books, Ravage was depicted as a hound.

Ravage is a lone character that has outstanding stealth power. As a nocturnal unit, his activities would let him envelope himself in shadows and subtleties which conceals his identity even from his cohorts. Ravage’s activities are all geared against the Autobots, thus earning him the respect from his fellow Decepticons.

Deadly and crafty, Ravage resembles an Earth jaguar who is a master of disguise, ridding himself with the possibility of detection. It can move in silence and is virtually unseen especially in shadows and darkness. He can also cover his electromagnetic radiation from any devices that could detect him. Its strong points consist of a smell and hearing sensor, while his weakness is the light that strips him of his invisibility. Ravage is equipped with two bombs located on his rear hips.

In the animated series, Ravage was strongly allied to Soundwave. He is not equipped with speech but he seemed to possess great intelligence on basic deductive reasoning and manipulation of mechanisms; characters which are not likely to be possessed by the kind of animal he represents. However, in the third installation of the animated series “More than Meets the Eye” Ravage’s spying skills were not emphasized, gaining instead the impression of an attack dog.

A particular episode in the first “More than Meets the Eye” series, the character was shown to have the task of dissuading humans to make investigation on a Decepticon aggression. In the progression of the series, Ravage was captured by the Autobots who plotted to use him as a bait and means of ambushing Megatron. Tricked to do their plan, Ravage was uncannily allowed to escape and delivered a planned message to the Decepticon leader, thus for the first time, using speech to convey his information. The plan was however decoded by Megatron and thus managed to get the Autobots in their own traps.

In other Transformers series, Ravage often portrays a role in hunting and espionage missions throughout their Earth adventures. Ravage would often find himself in combat with Bumblebee and the human allies of the Autobots. In some instances, he would engage in battle with the larger Skyfire and even the leader Optimus Prime; however such encounters were not long-term.

One memorable adventure of Ravage is recorded in “A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur’s Court” where he time-traveled to the medieval period in England. He was with Ramjet, Starscream and Rumble. He also has a misadventure in “Child’s Play” as a hunted alien by an ordinary domestic cat. Another recorded event was when he battled against a real jaguar which he emerged victorious by using his rockets.

Ravage concept art images are available @ Download page.

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