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Jetfire aka Skyfire in the beginning had a partnership with the Decepticons. This alliance led the way to his coalition with the troop of the Autobots. Jetfire chose the Autobots over the Decepticons because of his passion for technological as well as scientific breakthroughs. As a hidden scientist, he thought that he could use this knowledge to win over the Decepticons. This belief cast a detour in his audacity in the battle ground. On the other hand, he was one of the robots who was the most raring to go to battle.

Jetfire was created from the same mold as the VF-1S Valkyrie of the Marcoss and was equipped with the armor Super Valkyrie. In addition to this, Jetfire was also said to be created by Shockwave. Shockwave created Jetfire to be one of the new Decepticon troops, with the aid of the Creation Matrix.

Buster Witwicky played a vital role in the life of Jetfire. Before Decepticons could use the Creation Matrix for Jetfire, Optimus Prime already implanted it in Buster Witwicky. Nevertheless, to recover Witwicky, Shockwave lined up the lifeless shell of Jetfire. Unfortunately, Witwicky utilized the Creation Matrix to destroy Jetfire. However after this incident, Witwicky rebuilt Jetfire. He did this because he wanted Jetfire to help him in rescuing Optimus Prime. As a result, Optimus Prime imparted Jetfire with life.

During the “Dinobot Hunt” Jetfire was still bearing his Decepticon insignia. In this battle Ironhide was still not able to trust Jetfire. The trust of Ironhide was only gained by Jetfire when the former saved the latter from the deranged Slag. With this Jetfire proved his allegiance to the Autobots, and after these incidents, Jetfire submitted himself under the Rite of Autobrand. As a result, he received the symbol of the Autobots.

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