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The shared shape of the Constructicons is called the Devastator. Cruelty’s concretized definition is given through the creation of the Devastator. It is because his main goal in life is to wipe out anything that crosses his path. This characteristic of Devastator is the exact opposite of the quality of the Constructicons. In fact, giving up their highly superior thinking ability is the way to create Devastator. Unlike its so-called ancestors, the Devastator has its limitation in this thinking ability. His ability to perceive things and to decide on things depends on his six components at a specified point in time. In addition to this, Devastator has a very good example of a being a very impulsive Decepticon. In fact, he inflicts pain to anyone before thinking about its results. Despite these strong features of  Devastator, he is known to be too sluggish, awkward, and easy to fool.

Transformer’s creation is very simple. The creation of the up-to-the-minute Decepticons is spear-headed by Commander Shockwave.  This is due to the fact that the commander noticed the strengthening force volume of his troops on Earth dated 1985. This was sufficed and aided with the Creation Matrix. This was tapped from the locked up Optimus Prime. This led to the birth of the Constructicons. Their birth led to their assignments with the Decepticon called Soundwave. The intrusion of the Autobots, made the Constructicons divulge their concealed energy. This intrusion also resulted to the merging of the Constructicons and the Devastator.

In addition to this, in the Marvel Comics, the Autobots tried their best to create their own Devastator. They named it Omega Supreme. This is due to the fact that they needed to battle the power of the Devastator head on. However, the Autobots are not so successful like the Constructicons (that made up the Devastator). Thus, the Autobots were able to create an Autobot who can measure up with the Devastator but this time with three components. To be able to make another Devastator, the Autobots carried out a forced entry on the base of the Decepticons. The Autobots, knowing that the Devastator is easily lured; they got him to collect sufficient data for their plans. With these tactics, the Autobots were able to construct the Aerialbots (the Autobots’ new mixed team). The Aerialbots have the capability to create Superion. Consequently, Superion became the opponent of the Devastator on the Transformer’s quest battle.

In the meantime, this story about the Constructicons was not released; thus, the episode that was released on the Transformer’s comic issue number 264 was about the action filled adventure of the Devastator. In this episode, it was unveiled that the Constructicons was not able to show their “combined team”, because they lost their combining power; this incident lead to the creation of the Devastator as an individual robot.

Devastator concept art images are available @ Download page.

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