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The Doctor Scalpel

The Doctor Scalpel

The Doctor Scalpel is a very tiny Decepticon. He is a medic. He is known to be the best doctor in the Transformers world. He is obviously named after a doctor’s best known tool, the scalpel.

The Scalpel is defined by the as a diminutive, insubstantial, more often than not an undiluted knife often used in anatomical procedures and surgical business and analysis.

The free online dictionary also defined it as a little surgical knife which is characterized with a very jagged bony cutting edge.

These said descriptions of the scalpel could also be compared to the Doctor Scalpel in the Transformers series. The Scalpel is not only a robot that repairs for the Decepticons but also a warrior full of information which was acquired through hacking. The Scalpel is as sharp as the doctor’s scalpel (in the real world). In the battle ground, he is known to be one of the most deceitful Decepticons of his time.

Scalpel is not only a sophisticated Decepticon because of his stealthiest instincts but also survived wars because of his battle knowledge and abilities.

The Decepticon troop who has the doctor scalpel with them indeed holds the best tool. They do not only have a database of hacked information that can be used in sabotaging the Autobots, but they also have their medic who could repair their injured bodies. The Doctor Scalpel could also do operations in which he can either revive or improve one’s state of being.

Most of the Decepticon robots in the Transformer’s series would rather suffer and die in silence than be treated and repaired by Doctor Scalpel, which is an act as expected for most Decepticons.

Like the other character that is named Soundwave, Doctor Scalpel also has a storing device for the information that he obtains. The only difference is that Soundwave’s information storage system is much better and improved than Doctor Scalpel’s. Soundwave possesses the cassette that can store more information unlike Doctor Scalpel.

Compared to the Soundwave’s ability and high level of intelligence, the Scalpel has more data and information about the thousands of living things in the whole galaxy. In fact, in one click he could retrieve files on data about a certain organism or creature. Thus, Doctor Scalpel could also be considered a good taxonomist (a scientist that names and classifies organisms (living things) accordingly). Indeed, the Scalpel is not only a warrior, doctor, but also a scientist major in taxonomy. His field of specialization could be pure science, applied science, or medicine.

In fact, in a few minutes, the Doctor Scalpel could assemble and disassemble anything. This proves that among the robots in the Transformers series, the Scalpel has indeed got the best photographic memory.

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