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In the Transformers series, Sideswipe was characterized as a brave but an impulsive warrior. His twin brother Sunstreaker was deemed to be in equal with him as to skills and combatant ability however, he is not at all ruthless like his twin.

The Marvel Transformers comics depicted Sideswipe as a loyal member of Optimus Prime’s league. He was one of the recorded in the list of injured during the Dinobot Hunt. Together with Huffer and Bluestreak, he was injured in an attempt to capture the powerful Grimlock. To contain a battle between Grimlock and another robot Sludge, Sideswipe was rather seriously injured and yet managed to give a warning to Optimus Prime and Prowl. After he avoided deactivation by the Underbase powered Starscream, he was never again shown in the series after the 50th issue of the US comic.

In the Generation 2 installation, he appeared in one of the raiding party led by Grimlock that was out-witted and eventually captured by the Jhiaxus. In the succeeding instances, he was liberated by Optimus Prime and fought against the Swarm where his fate was never divulged.

In the animated series of the Transformers, Sideswipe is considered a pioneer in the initial group of Autobots aboard the Ark on its crash to planet earth, recorded four million years ago. In his ascent to awareness, he was reformatted and transformed into a Lamborghini sports car along with his brother. He also used his rocket pack with the help of Optimus Prime during the Decepticon’s escape from Earth in an energon-loaded starship.

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were a team in almost all operations. When Decepticons tried to battle their ship, both Sideswipe and Sunstreaker battled their opponents in display of a jet judo. This act was somehow deemed to be ineffective and pompous.

In the series, Sideswipe together with Brawn initiated the discovery of a cave full of dinosaur bones which eventually led to the development known as the Dinobots. Sideswipe became a semi-regular in the end of 1985. Along with five others, he disguised himself to be a Stuncticon. The trouble arises when the real Stuncticons appeared and reclaimed their identity while the Autobots tried to enter the enemy’s camp. The saving grace of the team is the magnetic powers and illusion-creating abilities of Windcharger and Mirage respectively. They were able to appear as Menasor but in the end the real Decepticons were revealed.

In the Transformers: The Movie, there was a misconception that Sideswipe appeared in the film as the dead robot in the left corner of the screen where Springer tried to launch a torpedo during the Autobot city battle. This fallacious concept is corrected because the body of the robot that appeared is actually that of Wheeljack which was mistakenly tainted like Sideswipe. The truth is Sideswipe never appeared in the movie at all.

You can find more Sideswipe concept art images for Transformers 2 @ downloads page.

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