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The revolutionary Transformers myth will never be complete without significant characters either in the league of the Autobots and Decepticons. In the league of the Decepticons, one robot character is attributed to a member of the Laser Rods, Jolt.

Initial descriptions of Jolt’s technological feature are his cruelty and tremendous speed. Much credit was given to his excellent skills in sneak attacks. Transforming into a purple hotrod, Jolt is somehow deemed as a cowardice who would never engage into a battle with an Autobot counter, especially if he knows he cannot win the combat. The character of Jolt was launched in the Marvel Generation 2 comics.

Historical accounts all traced back to the leadership of Bludgeon, the Decepticon leader who conceptualized the creation of a new breed of Decepticon army, thus is the genesis of the Rotor Force and Laser Rods units. Upon defeat of Bludgeon by the current Decepticon leader Megatron, they initiated the theft of the Matrix from the Autobots to bring life to the constructed bodies of the new Decepticons.

In the succeeding issues of marvel comics, the Rotor Force and Laser Rods including the robot Jolt were sent to a mission of stealing a potent substance, Rheanimum, for Megatron’s pursuit of power in the Tykos planet. In more succeeding issues, the Rotor Force and the Laser Rods will have an appearance again, this time in an alliance between the Autobots and Decepticons to combat and go against the enemy forces, Jhiaxus and afterwards against the Swarm. During the year 1994, was presented with accessories such as a sword and a miniature light that sends out diode, a substance that could bring illumination to the material. Jolt’s character is known as Hotlaw in Japan while its European counterparts released its character under the brand name Hot Rod. This however is not at all in relation to the Autobot depicted with the same name in the first generation.

Another Jolt character is attributed as the Mini-con ally of Hot Shot in the Autobot group. In this particular character, Jolt is shown as Hot Shot’s partner who is burdened with the extremely difficult task of pacifying his bad-tempered connivance. Hot Shot seemed to succumb to reason at times, but is still indifferently immature. Though this has become the reason of Jolt’s annoyance and dismay, he still regarded his partner with respect; however it still brought them to danger. Hop is the Japanese version of Jolt in this series, and was the Recon Mini-con team leader who is curious and child-like. Oftentimes a liability to his human friends, he is depicted a loyal and the closest character to their human counterparts.

Designers released a Cybertron Crosswise donned in purple and silver which they originally intended for a Decepticon Micromaster Road Hugger. However due to some legalities, they gave him the name Jolt. A resurrected Jolt in the final war for the Allspark is considered the most inferior ranked in the Decepticon league, which was rated two out of ten.

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