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Have you heard about Demolishor? If you haven’t then this article will enlighten you about the creation of Demolishor.  One of the first created Decepticons in the toyline was Demolishor. In the animated series this character is also one of the members of the Megatron’s team. He was the strength giving body of the group. He was matched up with Cydonus and Starscream. This was done to increase their chances of winning the battle against the Autobots. However, he may be considered the muscle of the group but he did not contribute much for the battle. He just acted as the favorite tactician of Megatron.  Nemesis Prime caused major injuries to Demolishor. These injuries were inflicted during the Episode 43 - Puppet. In addition to his, Demolishor is also one of the few to live to tell the tale about the ultimate battle.

Demolishor kept on following the order of his leader. He worked with the Autobots. This all occurred after the encounter with Unicron. He was also assigned at the Ocean City as a lookout. The Ocean City is known to be the Earth’s mining operations of the humans and Cybertrons. He bravely fought against the Terrorcon. Despite his conflicts with the Autobots, especially Optimus Prime, he served well. On the other hand, he questioned his role during a fight in which Demolishor took a look at the sword created from Megatron’s spark and felt his life energy.  As Megatron had his rebirth and inflicted violence to the Ocean City, he fought against the troop and faced his superior in a battle. He faced him in the battle, yet he changed his mind and came back to his side. Despite this he still had doubts. Befriending some of the humans and some of the Autobots, his thoughts were changing little by little. In the end he destroyed his body protecting Megatron who in return, using Unicron’s power, created a new body for him.

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  1. tommy says:

    to me, this demolisher decepticon looks like he can destroy almost anything and everything like unicron. He is even like 5,000 times bigger than optimus prime and he is even bigger than devastator and megatron. In the comerical, he even looked like he did some serious damage to the city. But like i said before, this is very interesting and has a good story going into it. I can’t wait to see this battle and see what happens. The main question for me is, “Does optimus prime and bumblebee and the other autobots get destroyed in this movie?” this is just awsome!

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