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Arcee was noticed to be out from the Marvel Comics in the United States because they claimed that she would change the main rule of the Transformers universe, that Transformers are neither male nor female. Presence of Arcee as the robot with female as “her” gender would change this convention.

Arcee appeared in American Transformers where she served as the background Fortress Maximum’s troop. Prime’s Rib, the United Kingdom’s Marvel issue 234, is where Arcee also had an appearance.

The story of the Prime’s Rib is laid down in the “future” (which is the year 1995). In the story, Hot Rod, Jazz, and Optimus Prime begin to introduce Arcee (new Autobot) to the feminists (humans). The saying, “You cannot please everybody” applied to what happened next. Arcee, the new Autobot, was rallied up. The humans met her with disapproval and annoyance. She was hated and criticized by many because of her color, which is pink. Because of this commotion and activism, the group of Optimus Prime and Arcee was attacked by the Squeezeplay, Fangry, Shockwave, and Horri-Bull. This team thought that Arcee will lead to the revealing of a weapon against them. As a result, Optimus Prime led the Autobots in the war against the Deceptions. Consequently, the team Deceptions escaped.

A number of stories were also set by the United Kingdom’s comic right after the movies’ events took place. Arcee was seen in the Space Pirates, skipping her duty in the City of the Autobots. The fall of the said city to the invaders (the Quintessons) was due to Arcee’s negligence in her duty. To get the Creation Matrix, Arcee became bait. Arcee helped and assisted Rodimus Prime.

Next to Arcee’s life is she joining the troop of the great Rodimus Prime. For the period of the Time Wars, she aided in the initial war in opposition to Galvatron. Galvatron withstood the war and ruled over the Cybertron areas of responsibilities. This incident made the Autobots return in which their lives turned to murky lives.

Under the rule of Rodimus prime, Arcee came into sight among Autobots in his troop. On the other hand, Rodimus Prime turned out to be the ruler in the episode Aspects of Evil 2 of the United Kingdom’s Transformers 224. This episode gave the audience and Rodimus Prime an idea about the memories on how Crankcase, and Galvatron took the life of Blurr. Being mad of these memories, Rodimus Prime almost killed Galvatron.

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  1. ino yamanaka says:

    wow even tho im a huge transformers fan an arcee i didnt know that she pops out of no where and arcee used to be a car not a motorcycle you know (get the facts right!)

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