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Scorponok’s character is generally related to destruction and the root of misery with his deadly intent of inflicting pain and suffering to all that comes his way. He is the leader of the Decepticon Headmasters.

He can change in three modes and presents a giant scorpion as his basic mode. With his enormous claws he can crush practically anything. His tail can fire electric blasts that will surely leave everything lifeless. His two other alternate modes are a defense base with lots of weaponry features and a base mode that transforms into a dual cannoned robot.

Scorponok’s first appearance in the US Marvel Comics was featured in the four series which contain a new breed of opponents to the Transformers. Based on this series, Scorponok acted as the Decepticon leader who was called to the Nebulos planet by a corrupt politician Lord Zarak. His main purpose is to get rid of Fortress Maximus and all the rest of the Autobots in the planet. Being a supreme leader of the Hive, Zarak was an evil dictator who aimed to put in control the population of the planet Nebulos in slavery and bondage.

With the said battle progressing in the planet, Zarak devised a plan to let the Decepticons and Autobots bring their conflict to Earth, thus saving Nebulos from destruction and harm. This scheme made the historical earth travel of the Transformers.

In the succeeding series, a continuous rivalry between the two leagues keeps on. In the third installation of the series, Scorponok initiated a meeting with some earthbound Decepticons under the leadership and control of Ratbat. A supposed alliance between the two groups of Decepticons came to a screeching halt when Ratbat was denied of his specist belief biased against the humans. A conflict then rose between fellow Decepticons.

As Scorponok became triumphant in this battle against Ratbat, his numbers also increased with the number of Earthbound Decepticons now included in his troop. His immediate action of setting up a new venue for operations located under the swamps of New Jersey is due to the destruction of his ship. A more tragic event took place when Scorponok’s closest allies abandoned him because of his acceptance of Starscream.

Towards the end of the series, Scorponok attained Optimus Prime’s surrender before the battle with Unicron. He was then destroyed by Unicron in a final attack gaining remarks from Optimus Prime that he had done good.

The battle proved to be the last appearance of Scorponok in the US comics; however more of him was presented in the UK version. Looking to a possible future, he was seen battling among Megatron and Shockwave to gain the Decepticon leadership but was gradually defeated. Scorponok surrendered to Hot Rod which he eventually persuaded to give protection to a human settlement. Their battle was against the Decepticons, while Scorponok escaped from their grasp. That would be the last recorded data in the Marvel comics.

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