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Considered as a menace and trouble-maker, Sideways is a member of the group led by Unicron. This chaos bringing league aimed to bring confusion and deception between the factions of Autobots and Decepticons. The main purpose of Sideway’s activities of disguising and deceiving the two groups is to avoid possible alliance that may go against the plans of his master in conquering planets.

The Japanese version of Sideways is Double face. His first launch was recorded with their arrival on the planet Earth located just near the base of the Autobots. Sideways pretended to help the Autobots to battle against their perennial opponents and helping them to gain the Mini-con. In joining the Autobots, he managed to conceal his true identity by merely describing himself as a drifter, and no other information was provided.

The chaos started when his true colors were revealed on his plot of deceiving a young Autobot Hot Shot into the moonbase of the Decepticons and thus making the Mini-Con weapon called the Star Saber forcibly taken by the enemy. Going through his scheme, he claimed that he has always been an ally to the Decepticons ever since his mission began.

Sideways has always been successful in his pursuit of causing confusion to both the Autobots and Decepticons. He found immense pleasure to see the Mini-Con weapon shifted from both sides. In his efforts of penetrating the Autobot’s base, human allies of the group stopped his endeavor, only to find themselves pulled into cyberspace with the robot.

Not long enough, his manipulating intent and scheme was discovered by the Decepticons when they traced him and saw him reporting to his planet-sized Transformer master, Unicron. Confronted by Megatron of his betrayal, Sideways showcased his Unicron-given powers and abilities by his incredible reformation in front of the Decepticons, just after his body was slashed into pieces wielded by the Star Saber. Regardless of the uncovered truth, Sideways continued with his resolve and method by contacting the Autobots and making them aware of the existence of the third and last Mini-Con weapon called the Requiem Blaster.

Sideways in an attempt to bring back the chaos-bringer Unicron, plotted to lure Thrust in siding with him and betrayed Starscream. The robot sided with the Autobots because of his conflict with Megatron, but he was persuaded to return, thus bringing all the Mini-Con weapons with him. With all the weapons intact, Sideways orchestrated a plan to steal the weapons and bring it back to Cybertron. In the final battle, Sideways served to be a dummy and avatar for the supreme Unicron. Optimus Prime was able to communicate with him through Sideway’s body.

Towards the end, with the help of the human allies, Unicron’s control was toppled down and Sideways was destroyed by Optimus Prime using the Requiem Blaster. This is not actually his last appearance since he still survived in the next series and continues with his adventures.

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