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An elderly Autobot who is skillful in fighting and is a defender of Optimus Prime is known as Ironhide. Ironhide has many years of experience in battle thus making him a veteran in it. He is often seen as part of Autobot’s security and almost always seen combating Decepticons or protecting a specific object or place. He was also used as a commander, leading some Autobots against Decepticons.

He works with Autobots such as Jetfire and learns to rely on him despite Jetfire being originally from the group of Decepticons. He also works with Bumblebee in stopping a Rumble flood. However, Ironhide got tired of being almost always late figuring out Decepticons plans and left Autobots. But he was teleported back to Earth by Skywarp and thus has rejoined the Autobots.

He has a very high sense of responsibility as seen on an episode on the animated series where the latest invention of WheelJack was stolen when he was in duty and is distracted by Carly. He was ashamed and believing that he is too old to effectively do his job, he resigned on active service from the Autobots. However, when Carly is captured, Ironhide came to her rescue and save her.

Ironhide fulfilled his job as a guard to Optimus Prime during one episode when Megatron and Optimus are battling on a power plant and Megatron accidentally had his power increased. Using this advantage, he transforms into his gun mode and orders Starscream to shoot Optimus Prime. Ironhide jumps in front of Optimus, shielding him and taking the shot himself thus saving Optimus’ life.

With this event, it was seen that Ironhide is a selfless Autobot. He would rather take care of someone and is uncomfortable being cared for. He complained a lot when Ratchet tried to fix him by removing and rebuilding one of his components making Ratchet jokingly threaten Ironhide that he will disconnect the circuit that connects to his vocals.

He is also one of the Autobots that Galvatron has mistakenly reactivated. He and the other five Autobots who were also accidentally reactivated by Galvatron have successfully defeated him and Ironhide became part of the Autobot Earthforce. Defending Earth and spoiling Decepticon’s plans even if he was once frustrated with humans due to an incident where he thwarted a terrorist siege only to be mishandled by the police. He is one of the most passionate Autobots in the team and has developed a close bond with their human allies.

You can find more Ironhide concept art images for Transformers 2 @ downloads page.

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