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Wizard Magazine’s ranked 46th in their list of greatest villains of all time (topping Megatron who ranked 68), Starscream is the Decepticon Air Commander who changes to a F-15 Eagle that heads the other Decepticon Seeker jets. He can reach Mach 2.8 velocity and can go up to sub-orbital altitudes of 52 miles (84 km) then plummet to ground level in a matter of minutes, topping the real aircraft which has a top speed of Mach 2.5 and altitude limit of 12.3 miles. His arms are with launchers, which can fire two types of armaments - cluster bombs with the ability to level an area of 10,000 square feet or 900 squared meters, and null ray, his signature weapon that can invalid whatever electronic device or machine by interrupting the power connection in any circuitry by striking it.

Starscream’s name will be re-used to numerous future characters in the Transformers cycle. He has a strong and treacherous personality with an open desire to take over the leadership of the Decepticons. He is more intelligent than a regular Decepticon. He may be brutal and callous, but is careful in acting upon his schemes, making sure that the turnouts will be favorable to his ambitions. He considers himself higher than the other Decepticons, and almost belittles Megatron for his old-school military strategies and tactics. Starscream is more for the dependence on slyness and speed than being atrocious on going against the Autobots. However, this tactics doesn’t necessarily surpass Megatron’s tactics when opportunity rises.

The complicated relationship between Starscream and Megatron continues as the latter seldom ignores the risk Starscream poses. Megatron, as somehow is suggested, puts up with Starscream for different reasons, some are his unwilling admiration of the latter’s deviousness and his safety measure to keep him under his watch. Starscream, in return, always gets into Megatron’s nerves that they always clash - whether physically or verbally - which are always violent although brief.

This violent relationship between the two continued in the Marvel’s reincarnation of Starscream after the attack on The Ark of Megatron’s elite troops. Starscream continued to be after the Decepticons leadership, but was slower moving this time, only letting out nasty comments about Megatron’s competency. He didn’t do much here after Megatron nearly sent him to the junk yard after the leader got fed up with his malicious remarks.

He was then shut in a stasis pod in the Ark for a long time after his deactivation by Omega Supreme during the attack on The Ark. However, as the UK offices of Marvel Comics made their own storylines (which were still somehow continuous to the US line), Starscream was being given another look by Simon Furman. The writer lightened the Decepticon’s deviousness and made him even more intelligent and cunning. He was more interesting that he became the focal point of some issues, one of which is a Christmas special mostly about Starscream’s desolation on being stuck on Earth.

Also, in the series made by Furman, Starscream came out having a very “British” sense of humor, bordering on sarcasm and cynical. He was represented better - intimidating and more dreadful in the Decepticon army. He even, at some point, defeated fellow Decepticons ravage and Soundwave and Autobot Brawn in fights.

From the UK point of narration, Starscream was shortly resurrected from the stasis pod to partake on the Target:2006 mega-serial. Here with his opposite, the Decepticon leader Galvatron. This team up, however, was bound to doom in the future, as Galvatron was fated to kill Starscream in 2006 (which is the comic’s alternate-future take on the Transformers movie), while the latter thought that working with Galvatron is a promise for a better future for him.

Starscream ended up back in the stasis, as the Autobots managed to fool Galvatron into blasting the repainted Skywarp to make him believe that he killed the right Decepticon, thus changing his timeline and making him return to his future.

You can find more Starscream concept art images for Transformers 2 @ downloads page.

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  1. tommy says:

    starscream has always been megatrons right hand decepticon, but, i dont kow this time. starscream is the leader almost all of the movie, until megatron returns. when megatron returns, starscream even tries to re-kill megatron to still be leader. but, i think megatron and starscream have their turn on each other and starscream gets destroyed battle. so, starscream is strong, but megatron, i mean, galvatron is stronger.

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