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The Autobot who transforms into a yellow, Volkswagen Beetle car is known as Bumblebee. He is the smallest Autobot volunteer to be part of the first group to be sent to Earth for investigation on the events of the awakening of both Autobot and Decepticons in 1984.

He is vastly fuel resourceful, can see far objects with precise acuity and is flexible in undersea environments. He looks up to Optimus Prime, the Autobots leader and tried his best to help him in any way that he can. He has a strong conviction to prove his contributions to the team and make the other Autobots recognized and respects his capability.

He can be relied on with jobs such as liaison between humans and Autobots or acting as a spy to their enemies. One of his advantages is that since his transforming car is a small one, it allows him to go to places his larger teammates cannot go through thus making him useful during this circumstances.

When the Autobots first landed on Earth, he became acquainted with the young son of the Witwicky family and became the point of contact between Autobots and the humans. However, as the series progress he became doubtful of his usefulness to the team and left them without a word. Unfortunately, at this point, Shockwave, the then leader of Deceptions plot to capture Bumblebee to brainwash him against the Autobots. Fortunately, he was saved by his fellow team mates and is convinced that he is indispensable for the Autobots.

However, during the commencing of the Power Station Alpha and working with the special assignment force G.I. Joe, a Decepticon assaulted the humans and he has no choice but to transform into an Autobot to save them. However, during the process he was confused for another Decepticon and the G.I. Joe team shoots him tearing down Bumblebee. As a way for making up for their mistakes the G. I. Joe team with Autobot medic Ratchet tried and had successfully rebuild Bumblebee into GoldBug.

Bumblebee’s character was created for the young viewers to be able to relate themselves with. He was funny, easy going and loves to play jokes all the time. He was also a great companion to the human ally, Sam Whitwicky and has thus become his guardian, protecting and securing him away from danger. He has also have a high sense of responsibility and will often go out of his way to help humans and his teammates.

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  1. tommy says:

    this has been okay for bumblebee. He has been beaten, been almost frozen, and his legs were torn off. He did get his vocal processer back. I aam glad that bumblebee doesn’t get destroyed. But, i think everything will be destroyed in the third movie. Because unicron is going to be in it. this is very exciting.

  2. rei says:

    i love bumblebee so much… i saw the 2nd movie, and it was great… i laugh all the way when he cried when sam told him that he was not coming with him on college.. and he cries fuel… LOL… love it

  3. bianca says:

    bumblebee is so awsome i wish transformers were real he’d be my guardian so cool

  4. bridgett says:

    i love bumblebee i wish he was real

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