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Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is the leader of the good faction of Transformers known as Autobots. He is leading the battle against Autobot’s sworn enemy, the Decepticons, for the protection of life on Earth, Cybertron and all parts of the universe.

Optimus was once known as Orion Pax, a simple dock worker during the Golden Age of Cybertrons. He was destroyed by Megatron when the warehouse Optimus that he was protecting was assaulted by Megatron and the other Decepticons thus killing Optimus. He was later reconstructed to be Optimus Prime by the Alpha Trion who gave him the Autobot Matrix of Leadership which is placed on his chest and is a symbol carried by all Autobot leaders.

He is a gallant, valiant and compassionate Autobot. He is an adamant leader and would avoid insincerity on his command as much as possible. Optimus is also a direct, wise and essentially cheerful battlefield general.

His powers include short-range optic attacks, holographic map projections, a palm-mounted, triangle shaped repulsor projector and a distributable hydro-foils which allows him and the other Autobots flexibility in undersea environments.

His transforming vehicle is a cab over semi-truck. The truck’s cab transforms into Optimus himself while the truck’s trailer is transformed into Combat Deck and launches Optimus’ Roller.

When Cybertron fell from its orbit, the Autobots led by Optimus boarded an ark to destroy the asteroid. However after reaching success in their mission they were consequently attacked by the Decepticons and Optimus decided to crash their Autobot ship, Ark, into pre-historic Earth.

Optimus is in constant fight with Megatron, the leader of the other faction of Transformers and in some cases teaming up with him when they are battling a common enemy. He is usually on the front line battling Decepticons and defending the Earth.

When the Decepticons had taken control of the Cybertrons and they planned to destroy the Autobot city on Earth, Optimus Prime bravely defended the planet and was fatally injured. Despite Perceptor’s efforts of reviving him, Optimus died. He was later on reconstructed as Rodius Prime and thus leading again the Autobots in a continuous war against Decepticons.

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  1. tommy says:

    well, at least we will have a group of brave soilders. Even though iornhide, ranchet, and a few other autobots get killed, optimus prime and bumblebee survive. but, i think the decepticons will win. But, this is to interesting, we will have to see the movie to believe it.

  2. Optimus Prime says:

    After dying in the great war of Autobot City on Earth, Optimus Prime became one with the Matrix.

    He was NOT reconstructed as “Rodius Prime”.

    The next Autobot leader was, in fact, Ultra Magnus whom Optimus handed the Matrix to on his deathbed. Ironically, it was first caught by Hot Rod, who would later become Rodimus Prime (not Rodius Prime), who handed it to Ultra Magnus before Optimus passed away.

    Rodimus Prime became the Autobot leader when, as Hot Rod, he fought Galvatron deep within the giant planet devouring transformer named “Unicron”. Optimus, on his deathbed, said that one day an Autobot would rise from their ranks to unleash the power of the Matrix to “light their darkest hour”.

    And so it proved when Hot Rod opened the Matrix, a feat Ultra Magnus before him could not do, and became Rodimus Prime before going on to defeat both Galvatron then Unicron by opening the Matrix and unleashing it’s power.

    Optimus Prime was later resurrected in the episode “The Return of Optimus Prime”.

    And, to answer the comment above … everything you say does not happen in the movie, I am literally home 30 minutes from seeing it at a midnight screening here in Glasgow.

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