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The year 2009 promises an array of quality movies to be enjoyed by millions of movie goers worldwide. One of the top-listed movies viewers ought to watch is the sequel of the science fiction/action film Transformers. Due for release on June 24, 2009, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a film by producer-director tandem Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg.

Like its predecessor, this movie introduces many more robots and even widened its scope to numerous countries especially Egypt. The development and production of this film took a long and winding path which started in September 2007; during this time, Paramount announced the delayed release for the Transformers sequel on 2009.

Making use of this length of timeframe, executive producer Michael Bay created a series of animation and special effects featuring characters which were originally rejected for the first film. This endeavor was taken by the animators for completion; in between the first movie and its sequel, the director somehow thought of venturing into an in between project but is quite committed to the movie.

With a colossal budget of $200 million, 25% more than its first film, there are various changes and innovations made in the movie like re-written characters and scenes initially rejected for the original, such as the reintroduction of Optimus Prime in this film. Film producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura said that there is a studio proposal of making two simultaneous sequels but it was not pursued further without approval by its producers.

The other geniuses behind this gigantic movie are writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman who initially passed on the sequel because of schedule conflicts. Eventually, the studio asked them to return, also signing on the writers’ common friend Ehren Kruger who impressed Bay and Hasbro president with his proficiency in the Transformers mythology. With a writing fee of $8 million, the trio spent two weeks writing a treatment which they submitted a night before the2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike; this could have interrupted and caused production delays. The outline by the screenwriters was expanded by Bay into a sixty-page scriptment, adding more action scenes, humor as well as new major characters. All in all, the screenplay was finished within four months.

According to Orci, the film’s theme is “being away from home”, showing the Autobots’ notion of living on Earth with the Cybertron beyond restoration. The emphasis is balanced between robots and humans while the “stakes are higher” and highlighted the science fiction element. Likewise, they “modulated” the humor balanced with a more serious plot while still retaining the film’s wholesome feature. Kurtzman is behind the movie title. They cited various incidents that helped explain its context and add interesting ideas about the movie.

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